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If my sponsor cancel my J1 Visa, How much time do I have before I should leave USA?

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J1 Visa, I have been working here since December 12, my Visa expires on March 12. They told me if I quit, they would cancel my Visa immediately. I don't want to travel, I just want to come back earlier to my country. Will I have future replesalies or any kind of problems if I want to come back to the U.S?

PS: they told me that I have five days to leave U.S.

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  1. Being in a J-1 status and arriving lawfully with inspection naturally, as you may imagine, does not trigger any inadmissibility if you depart upon your J-1 visa status expiration for one or another reason (termination of employment or earlier departure to the home country for some reasons).
    Even if you intent to seek admission to the Unites States eventually you may explain the present situation of compliance with all requirements, which are, arriving lawfully on a J-1, working at the designated place on J-1 leaving upon the visa termination.
    One you would be able to explain the circumstances, I do not envision any problems for your admission to the U.S. on any subsequent visas.


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