If my son is in acs care

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my son is in acs care for about 9months he will be coming home to me in april of this year he has been staying with his grandma the problem i have is that i have halways filed for my son every since he has been born he is 8 years old now and the grandma wants to file for him but he just stays their with her i still buy everthing and the things she buys him is from the acs monies not her own i need to know can she do that because i filed for my son already

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    Answered . Since you have custody then you get to file for him. However, she may be able to file as head of household. Discuss this with an accountant.

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    Answered . However has custody can file for the child for tax purposes. If the child is in the custody of the state, then neuter can file for the child since the state is providing support for the child. Speak with a CPA. I have reposted the matter under taxation.

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    Answered . This is a question better posed to your accountant.

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  4. Answered . If, by "file for him," you mean claiming him on your tax return, you most likely cannot do so for 2012 as he was not in your custody for the majority of the year. For the 2013 tax year, however, and assuming you comes back into your care in April, and further assuming he stays in your care for the remainder of the year, I think you very likely could claim the child this year. I would nevertheless advise you to consult an accountant on the question for a definitive opinion. If there are any custody/Art. 10 issues, then I would suggest to schedule a follow-up consultation with a Bronx Co. Child Custody lawyer.

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