If my parental rights are terminated do I still have to pay child support in New York State?

Asked about 2 years ago - Rochester, NY

My ex wife told me if I have my rights terminated then I wont have to pay child support anymore. Is that true?

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    Answered . Yes, that is correct. However, you cannot voluntarily surrender your rights, just to avoid a child support obligation. Did your former spouse file a petition seeking to terminate your rights? Is someone going to be adopting the child?

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    Answered . Correct, if your parental rights have been terminated so has your obligation to pay child support.

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    Answered . Your ex-wife is correct. If your rights are terminated, you will not have to pay child support.

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    Answered . When your rights are terminated it is equal to your not being the father. If you are not the father you have no obligation to pay for support for a child that is not yours.

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