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If my lawyer isnt doing a good job what choices do I have?

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I filed for divorce in March and paid my lawyer 2500.00 dollars. Nothing has happened yet except two parenting plans that havent been responded to, and several emails that really amount to nothing. I would have expected him to at least file for temp support for my children during this waiting time. I have a verbal notorized seperation agreement that my ex is not following . He is in a different state than me and I cant talk to him and I feel like my lawyer has put me on the back burner. I only hear from him when I send huge emails. He will say "yes your right this has gone on to long" and then I hear nothing. I dont know what to do . How long should it take? i asked for a summary of my charges so far and I still have funds left so I could change attorney but I hate to start over.

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You will want to send your concerns in writing to document your efforts to have your case move forward. I would suggest sending your attorney a certified letter outlining your concerns, specifically making requests to file for temporary child support and any other action you would like to take, as well as stating the manner in which the separation agreement is not being followed.

Of course, you may always seek a second opinion on your case by having a consultation with another attorney. It is difficult to start over with a new attorney, but it happens often in my practice. I have had several clients who came to our firm after previously being represented by another attorney. It will take the new attorney some time to catch up on your case, but it should not impair you with the court's decisions in your case. This frequently happens and judges do not assign any fault to this.

However, if you can salvage the relationship with your current attorney, that is usually best as he already knows the facts of your case and the procedural history. Address your concerns in writing and be sure to follow up on the letter with a scheduled telephone conference. Often if you schedule a time for a telephone conference, then you can make sure your attorney will be available and have sufficient time to address your concerns.

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thank you for your response. I actually did email all of my concerns . hopefully it will help things start to move. My ex is in the military which also makes things tricky. I am just ready to move on with my life.

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