If my inssurance company or agency apparently was gone or dissapear, should I have to assume for it if the other party suing me?

Asked over 1 year ago - Miami, FL

I had a car accident (first in my life) in june 2009, I paid my traffic ticket because I didn t see a non left turn and other car crash mine, 2 years later in may 28 STATE FARM CAR INSSURANCE sue me alleguing that they couldn t get same reimbursment amount $, of 12 500.00, which they have decided to pay to her insured(other accident party), Apparently what happened was that my car inssurance agency was gone or dissapear in time between I paid them and 2010, ( I have my inss card provided by them and receipt of payment, in spite that I have send explicit certifify mail letters to STATE FARM, they dont care and they dont wanna understand reasons that it has not been my fault if I paid for my car inssurance and due that the agency was gone, they couldn.t obtain back their reimbursment.

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    Answered . Get an attorney if they will not understand your position regarding your insurance coverage.

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    Answered . Can you clarify this post? If you had insurance on the date of the collision, and you cannot find the company, contact your State's Department of Insurance and they will help you out.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . It sounds like State Farm is suing you for subrogation, i.e. to recover what they paid their insurance policy holder. If you had insurance, you need to put them on notice of the claim. Your insurance carrier must defend you. If your insurance carrier went out of business (the actual insurance company not the agency that sold you the policy) contact the State Dept. of Insurance (it's called the Dept. of Financial Services) to find out who the insurer of last resort is (usually but not always FIGA). If you need help with this seek out an attorney with experience dealing with insurance coverage.

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    Answered . If you are saying that the both the insurance company and the insurance agency where you purchased the insurance are gone you should contact The Department of Insurance. They will have complete records and will be able to assist you.

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    Answered . You are saying that you had insurance when you got hit, is that right:: If so, then your insurance should have taken care of this bill. Please contact a PI attorney in your city to advice you and contact the insurance company. Best of luck.

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    Answered . Have a Miami car accident lawyer investigate this

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    Answered . If your insurance company went out of business, there is a State of Florida agency, FIGA, that will cover the loss. But you need to make the claim. Have your lawyer do it.

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  8. Answered . I suggest that you retain an attorney to go over the detailed facts of this matter. There may also be reason for you to contact the State attorney general's office, consumer fraud division and file a complaint regarding the agency.

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