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If my home goes into forclosure and they sell the property and it sells for less tnan i owe will they come after me for the bala

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mobile home bought for my brother and he passed away. i rented the property just to cover the mortgage they abandon the property . mortgage balance $28,700 probert and mobile home worth about $10,000

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  1. Yes, especially if the property is an investment property used for rental, and not your homestead. Consult with a foreclosure defense attorney to see if this can be avoided.

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  2. Two florida Attorneys agree, that is no mean feat. They are probably correct. I can not comment more as I am in California and the laws vary from state to state.

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  3. An important aspect to obtaining the bank's agreement to not pursue you for a deficiency is to contest the foreclosure lawsuit. See this post from my web page discussing deficiency judgments:

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