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If my girlfriend got sentenced to 30 days in jail in orange county how many days will she actually serve?

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30 days jail time

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Depends on what she was sentenced on? What was the charge? Most sentences that short are 1:1 time these days, meaning she'll serve 15 days on a 30 day sentence (15 actual days plus 15 days good time/work time). But if she has a prior record, or if this is a PV, that could change the scenario.


Generally speaking and Currently, the Orange County Jail is giving One (1) Day Credit for each actual day served. Hence, your girlfriend could be out in 15 days, or it may be 20 days or 2/3's of the acutal 30 days sentence.

Richard Grant
Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

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For OC you serve approximately 50%- so she will be out in 15 days.

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