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If my ex leaves his property in my house, does he have the right to claim it after he has moved out?

Seattle, WA |

my ex broke up with me & moved back to central washington. I still have some of his things he left behind & he is demanding I let him take them. Can he take me to court or have me arrested if he left them at MY residence and I refuse to give them back?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Yes. If these are his items (and your question reflects they are-- that they were left there but not by intent GIVEN to you), then he has the right to their return or a suit against you for conversion of the property. You, of course, can put the stuff in storage and tell him he must pay the storage fee to get them out. But frankly, he's an ex. He's out of your life. So why do you want his stuff? Put the feelings aside and tell him he has X period of time to get the stuff or it will go to storage (where he's responsible for the bill).

  2. Your ex has a right to his things. if you don't want to see him, just call him and arrange a time to put them on the curb.

  3. Yes. Your EX ca take his things, however you could arange to have them stored and send him the bill.