If my ex has to send my money every month for my health insurance, stated in our agreement. Can he choose to deduct kids charges

He pays me a monthly allowance towards my health ins. We split the co pays and things for our kids..can he just deduct the copays from my health money or should he pay me in full and then I will pay him the half I owe him for the kids.

Hudson, WI -

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David J. McCormick

David J. McCormick

Personal Injury Lawyer - Milwaukee, WI

What does your divorce decree/order say? This should spell out how this is handles. If it is silent that as long as this is not costing you any additional monies, your “ex” appears to be making things easier on you by cutting down on the back and forth payments by paying you the net amount owed.

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A J. Williams

A J. Williams

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Green Bay, WI

I'd have to agree. As long as it comes out the same in the end, what's the beef. He's paying, something a lot of others aren't doing. He's making it easier for you, something a lot of other aren't doing. Take comfort that you are both taking care of the business of taking care of the kids.

Ryan Michael Davidson

Ryan Michael Davidson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Lancaster, PA

This should be governed by the terms of your support agreement. If it isn't, it needs to be. Consult the attorney that helped you get that agreement in the first place.

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