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If my dog attacks a home intruder, am I liable for damages?

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I have a large dog, a family pet. I have "beware of dog" signs in English and Spanish clearly posted on the doors and windows of my home. If an intruder breaks in to my dwelling and is attacked by my dog, am I liable for criminal or civil charges?

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No. Someone breaks into your home and they complain that the dog did its job and protected the property? They're the one with the problem. Dogs are known to bite and to be protective; the intruder takes the risk.

Having said that, I'm certain you have taken three precautions and if not do them now: (1) license the dog, (2) make sure the dog has all of its required shots, (3) make sure your homeowners insurance company knows about the dog.

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no. while there have been some suits in some states by burglars, or home intruders, generaly they're loosers


Can you be sued? Yes. Will the suit be successful? Probably not. I agree with my colleague - make sure the dog is licensed, shots kept up to date, and let your insurer know you have a dog.


The short answer is "no," unless there is some dispute over whether this person was actually breaking into your home.

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