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If my childs legal father signs over his rights since he dont want nothing to do with him will i still get child support?

Saint Peters, MO |

We are still going through the dna process through DFS

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  1. I'm licensed in California although generally no. If he has no custodial or parental rights then it's not his responsibility to pay child support.

  2. You are asking a number of questions. Are you married to the father? If you are not married to the father was there an action filed in court to determine that he is father and to determine his rights and obligations as the father? If this has not happened, you can contact the Missouri Department of Family Services, Division of Child Support Enforcement. For St. Charles County case the telephone contact is (636) 940-3100. They will assist you in getting child support for the child. This is an administrative action, which means that this finding will not determine custody or visitation but will be to establish financial support for your child. Be aware the father can go through the Courts to establish his rights to custody and to visitation. You should consult with a family law attorney with your question and to fully examine all of your options.

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  3. It depends on a number of things. First, are you saying that he is terminating his parental rights through a court order? There are only 2 ways to do that. One is through Adoption and the other is through a Juvenile Court proceeding to terminate his rights. Generally, through the Juvenile Court proceedings both parents' rights are being terminated, so I assume that is not what you are talking about, but if you are, then no you will not receive child support. If he is terminating his rights through an Adoption, then no, you will not receive child support. If what you are talking about in terms of signing over his rights is not a legal document that has been acknowledged and accepted by a court, then yes you will probably continue to receive child support if you have an administrative order or court order already in place.

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