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If my child is registered in a public school here. What's Needed in my way of signing my child out even though I didn't

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first enrolled them ? Married without a custody order in place. I've contacted the Superintendent of education and they have stone walled me after I've sent them their requests, my confirmation as a parent to my child.
I fear ALL hell will break loose

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Unfortunately, without more specific details, there isn't much that I could suggest in terms of a specific course of action to take. I will say this, as a general rule: barring a significant, tangible threat to your child's health, welfare and well-being, do your best not to make kneejerk decisions and take sweeping actions without at least approaching your spouse about same. If there is a mantra when it comes to the Family Court, it is this: people who appear vindictive rarely achieve their goals.

Best thing to do at this point? Consult with a Family Law practitioner in your area. Many provide free consultations, though I am not one of them. Only with details as to the reasons why you would like to make changes to your child's educational path should a plan be developed as to how best to achieve your goals.

In the meantime, think perceptionally. What would an impartial third-party think about what I'm e-mailing to my spouse? what I'm doing with regard to my child's education?

Good luck to you!

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