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If my car was damaged by bullets during a shooting inside my apartment complex, what are my rights to seek reimbursement?

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It was Thanksgiving evening this year, and there was a shooting in my complex, and my car was shot as a result. The followingn day I was surprised to find that even with employees of the complex living on site that the office/management hadnt even looked into the events of the night before, even with an A/C unit of another tenant being shot in the gunfire. The complex does claim to have security, but they didnt report any of the occurances in their logs and werent the ones to communicate with the police in the 4 hours there were in the complex. They have offered to pay for the damages in the form of a rent deduction, while maintaining that they aren't responsible or obligated to do so. I want to know my rights to even seek reimbursement or if my concern for safety is considered. Thanks

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  1. Your rights are determined via the lease you signed. I am sure there would be a disclaimer clause like the management is not responsible for theft, stolen property and vandalism. Even if they don't have the disclaimer, you probably have little rights to enforce anything here. Once they told you that no security is provided for the complex, that is all they needed to inform you. If I were you, I would take the rent reduction as I do not see any direct negligence of the apartment complex in this matter. Maybe you can ask other tenants and file a nuisance suit against the complex, but probably no financial outcome here.

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