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If my car is being repo'd, can the plate still be used for a different car?

Longwood, FL |

My current car is behind on payments and is scheduled for repo. I cannot afford to pay it off, but have found another car that I can afford to buy outright. My registration is current though the end of 2012. The current car is in both mine and my ex-husband's name. I received it in the divorce years ago, but it stayed in both of our names because I could not qualify to take on the loan myself. This other car would be in my name along with my new husband. Can this same plate be transferred to the next vehicle. It is a vanity plate that my children chose and also supports a charity, so we would like to keep it the same if at all possible.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I believe it can but go to the DMV website and these questions can be answered through the FAQS. If not, you can go to the local DMV and get help. On a separate note; being that there is potentially a repo on your vehicle you may want to discuss this with a bankruptcy or debt relief Attorney as they will go after for deficiency.

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  2. Yes. The plate is yours and can be transferred to another vehicle. If you have no plans to get another vehicle, you can surrender the plate for a partial refund.