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If my boyfriend only has 90 days left on his prison sentence does he have to do be on parole when released?

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My boyfriend was sentenced to 16 months with 80%. He is still in the county jail he will only have a little less than 90 days left on his sentence will he have to get out on parole?

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  1. Generally, prison sentences = a felony was committed. The term of probation/parole for a felony is 5 years. You need to contact his lawyer or look at the court file at his sentencing sheet. It will tell you all of the terms of his plea, including the period of time he is to be on parole. It means that if he is on formal probation or parole, that he has to check in with his parole officer or he will be in violation of the terms of his parole. That will result in a VOP and a bench warrant. Be sure he contacts his parole officer within 48 hours of his release. LAW OFFICES OF VICTORIA CLEMANS, OWNER.

    This is not a solicitation.

  2. Check sentencing and talk to the defense counsel. Probation or parole is 5 years for a felony.

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