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If my boyfriend and I bought a house together and are both on the deed, if he files bankruptcy what will that mean for me?

Livonia, MI |

My boyfriend and I bought a house together, we are both on the deed however we have split up. I moved out of the house and I was just told he is considering filing for bankruptcy. I need to know what this means for me and what I need to do in this case. There is very little if any equity in the home so it is not a matter of loosing equity.. but I am worried what will happen to my credit in this case. If he is released from the debt of the house but I am not.. what legal rights do Ihave in this case?

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  1. Since you are a co-borrower, the eventual foreclosure will negatively affect your credit.

  2. I agree with Ms. Smith. Unless you have a way of paying off the loan or arranging a short sale, your former boyfriend's bankruptcy is going to impact you, as well.

    James Frederick

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  3. Great question. Unfortunately I see to many similar situations in my law practice. Your question did not specifically say, but are you on both the mortgage and deed? If you are on the mortgage, then the bank will discharge him in a Chapter 7 and likely turn to you for the money. Obviously, this could cause problems for you. I would suggest speaking directly with the ex and to discuss his intentions and how it may affect you. If this cannot be resolved on your own, then most certainly contact an experienced attorney to discuss your options. Hope this helps.

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