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If my answer has been delivered to the plaintiff but not filed with the court will it still be considered in court?

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I mailed my answer to the Plaintiff within the time limits, but they did not file the Complaint with the court for nearly three years. While the type of lawsuit is still within the Statue of Limitations, I did not realize they could wait so long to file the Complaint after serving me the papers, so I did not continue to check court records after two years. Recently I received a name change motion in the mail which resulted in my discovery that they had filed the complaint two months ago.

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  1. Hello,

    Make sure you file the Answer along with proof of service that you served the Plaintiff with a copy of the Answer.


    Arthur D. Leritz

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  2. Service of process isn't valid unless the action is filed within 90 days. You should file and serve a Notice of Appearance. If you have written an Answer and delivered it to the Plaintiff, you should also file it with the court.

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