If local and federal authorities wont help with human & Constitutional rights violations by police can United Nations help me?

Justice Dept and White house refuse help with Seattle police retaliation for reporting wrongful arrest.Set up/STAGED a bogus felony & convicted me.Continue violating my rights. I can IRREFUTABLY PROVE this with help.I am LITERALLY financially indigent!Attorneys and media REFUSE help!Wish to make known INTERNATIONALLY my human,civil,constitutional(and MANY other)rights abused and Gov wont help.AS stated I can IRREFUTABLY prove Seattle police committed SEVERAL serious felony crimes in their retaliation of me AND OTHERS I know.Have witnesses,etc.BUT NEED HELP to expose these FACTS.Can I apply to have U.N. help me for these human rights abuses(12 of 30 in their website!)Name:William Hardee Cross III..of:3721 S Pilgrim St Seattle WA..Have voice mail ONLY phone:206 312 4776. I'm Army VETERAN too

Seattle, WA -

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James S. Lawrence

James S. Lawrence

Constitutional Law Attorney - Southfield, MI

The United Nations handles relations between nations. It does not deal with relations between individuals, or between a person and his own government. Even if you were a citizen of a different country, the UN would not have authority to get involved. In joining the UN, nations do not give up their own sovereignty, including their right to define and punish crimes. The US cannot use the UN to impose its own will on the justice systems of Sweden, Albania, Mozambique, Vietnam, or China, and those nations cannot impose their ideas of justice upon the US justice system.

The UN does not constitute an international court of appeals. If they were to act as an international court of appeals, it is not clear which country's laws they would use as the basis for their decisions. Would they follow the laws of Denmark that allow women to appear topless on the beach, or would they follow the laws of Saudi Arabia that allow severe punishment of a woman who would dare to allow her ankle to be exposed in public?

The best time to win a case is at or before trial. That is when you should have presented your evidence. You have not provided any explanation of whether you did that and your evidence was not believed, or whether you failed to bother to do that, and now want to undo the consequences of your own shortcomings in presenting your defense case.

If the evidence you are relying on is newly discovered and could not have been presented earlier, most states have a procedure for presenting the newly discovered evidence to a court. Of course, you could present your newly discovered evidence and still lose, if you fail to convince the judge that you have established a right to a new trial.

You have the constitutional right to an attorney for trial, and in most places, for a first appeal. Beyond that you have no constitutional right to counsel, and if you want an attorney to represent you, you would have to pay the attorney. Would you work at a job all day, then tell the boss not to bother to pay you? If you would not do that, why would an attorney?

If you want international publicity, you have to circulate your story among news outlets around the world, and hope that one or more of them will give your case some publicity. In the US, the government cannot order a news outlet to cover a story, or to cover it in a particular way. I point out that your explanation does not contain any reason whatsoever why someone should believe your conviction was wrongful, or that you are innocent, or even what it is you are innocent of. Good luck.

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Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins

Child Custody Lawyer - Seattle, WA

If you can irrefutably prove your assertion, why did this not occur at trial and if so, why have you not appealed the decision. If you have failed to appeal your conviction, you have waived your rights.

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Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Litigation Lawyer - Fairfax, VA

Mr. Hawkins and Lawrence have summed it perfectly. If the merits if you case do not inspire legal scholars or government officials you'll have to generate public interest, not merely attention, but real interest.

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Robert Pecco Baker

Robert Pecco Baker

Constitutional Law Attorney - Venice, CA

There are groups that get involved in human rights violations, but those are limited to violations of norms that are considered anathema in all civilized society such as genocide, torture, extra-judicial killing and disappearance, slavery and human trafficking. Your case does not come close to meeting the required level of horror to constitute a human rights violation.

Your case needs to be addressed within the US judicial system and you have offered no explanation as to why it was not so handled.

BTW, mist human rights groups would disregard a case arising in the US since our justice system is generally considered to be one of the best, if not the best, and therefore the least likely to need intervention from an outside organization.

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