If Judge violates the defendant;s constitutional rights, can he sue the Judge?

Asked over 1 year ago - Beverly Hills, CA

As I read below link, people can still sue Judge if he violates a person's constitutional rights? My friend is seeking civil lawyer to sue a corrupt Judge for $1M because he violated his constitutional rights. See below link


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  1. Antoinette Cara Liewen

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    Answered . Judges are immune from suit. However, your friend can appeal the decision.

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  2. Kelvin P. Green

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    Answered . The link did not say people can sue judges. Judges have judicial immunity for decisions made from the bench.

    Judges decisions come under scrutiny from appellate courts. If the decision was so egregious as you imply, it will be obvious to any appellate court. There won't be any monetary damages here...

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  3. William J Mertens

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    Answered . There are some very rare, and very narrow circumstances when a judge can be sued for actions committed outside his or her "judicial capacity." but the other comments are correct. If a judge errs - even on a constitutional issue - in the course of handling a judicial case, then the remedy to get review in an appellate court. That usually means by taking an appeal. This now is technical - a real "inside baseball" point - but in some unusual circumstances, the way to get appellate review of a judge's ruling is by filing a petition for a writ of mandamus in an appellate court against the lower court judge. Such a case will be captioned as, e.g., Jane Doe vs. the Hon. John Smith, District Court Judge. But mandamus cases operate, in function, pretty much like appeals cases, and the point is to try to get some particular ruling reversed. They aren't, for example, money damages cases against judges.

  4. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . You misread the link. Read it again. Judges are immune/- see attorney Mertens' excellent fine points answer too.

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