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If Im a 17 yr old abused run away but I go straight to the magistry to cps to make a report, is my living arrangement my choice?

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I am being emotionally and mentally abused and neglected. I used to be physically abused but my mother lied to dds and I also lied for her. Lately, the abuse and neglect has been getting to me and is really affecting my well being. If I runaway but I am taken to the magistry and file a report against my mother, will i be forced to return back to the home? Does my mother have any control over my living arrangements? Can I decide who I want to live with? I am 17 years old. The abuse ha been going on for 6 years and it happened occasionally before that. Now its not physical. I hate it here. I have no freedom and am neglected. Can I use evidence from the original report? Please help me. I need to know my rights, and I need assurance that she cannot determine my living arrangements at all.espec

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  1. You should contact DSS as soon as possible and advise them of your situation. If your mother actually physically strikes you (domestic violence), you should contact the police. These agencies should be able to provide you with some information and help. As far as who you can live with, that will always be up to a judge in the end. You are almost 18. At that point you can do what you want to so long as it is legal.

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