If I were to yell and threaten people on my property, is that considered assault?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Winchendon, MA

I own a property on a private lake, which has its own plots, our neighbors continuously come on our property to fish, have their dogs off leashes and letting them go to the bathroom on our property and not picking up after them. I obviously got angry, this has been going on for seven years, and i have just had enough. So i had a letter sent to them by the dog officer saying they have to have their dogs on leashes, though its a private lake owned by an association, they cannot over rule the law with any bylaws they may choose to have. We have no trespassing signs up, however they continuously help themselves to fishing on my property, running back over when i come back to the site, and are saying i am assaulting them according to the police. WHILE they are on my property.

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Also, they are threatening complaints in retaliation that may effect my ability to lease the next renewal period, which are not true.

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    Answered . This really involves issues which will require a consult with an attorney. It seems like you are rapidly heading for trouble and you will need help.

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