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If I were to recreate a water bottle that I saw in a movie by making it an actual product and reselling it would that be legal?

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It was an animation movie.
It would not be using an image, I would just be making a water bottle in the same color scheme that would have the same words/font as the one that I saw in the movie. The words do reference the movie but the exact words themselves are very generic, and I feel like it would be difficult for someone to own the rights to them.

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  1. It appears that you want to take an existing image and create it in a different medium. It is possible that recreating it would not infringe any rights, if your creation is a new and an original form of expression. But if the words imply or reference the movie as a source, you may have trademark or licensing issue.

  2. See my response to your identical question.

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  3. Interesting question. From what I gather, you want to take a fictional product portrayed in an animated movie and actually produce it commercially.

    The first round of legal clearance I would do is:
    - Does that movie or its producers have any merchandising interest in the product?
    - Would you be using any copyright protected or patent protected (unlikely) elements in your product?
    - Big question: trademark rights. Will the name of your product "recall" that movie? What are the movie producer's trademark rights in the movie, and/or elements within the movie. For example, the cartoon "Mickey Mouse" is now the basis of a multi-billion entertainment franchise, and a brand used on everything from shoes to theme parks.

    Good question. If you have a business plan or product development plan you'd like to run by me, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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