If I were convicted by Family law court for domestic violence charge, I'll be deported? I'm a green card holder right now.

My ex (an Iranian man) made up "facts" to file to the family law court for charging me domestic violence, and the family law court, after receiving his request, issued a temporary restraining order to me. I just want to know whether or not family law court's judgement/verdict on domestic violence also has the same effect that I could be deported. Should I hire a family law attorney to help me or I go to court next week by myself? I believe the judge would know the truth after he understands the whole story.

Los Angeles, CA -

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Wolf W Kaufmann

Wolf W Kaufmann

Immigration Attorney - Anaheim, CA

Deportability is established by a conviction for a "crime" of domestic violence. A domestic violence protective order issued by a family court is not the same as a criminal conviction and therefore not grounds for deportability.

However, you should make sure that no criminal proceedings are being conducted or started in your case. It is very important to understand the full range of legal proceedings you are in, so that you will not be blindsided by something you don't expect. I suggest you obtain legal representation by an attorney.

Wolf W. Kaufmann
Southern California Immigration Attorney

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