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If I was injured on a job outside of my residing state, do I need to file a workers comp claim in the state where I was injured?

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If I was injured on a job outside of my residing state, do I need to file a workers comp claim in the state where I was injured?

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This is a question for which you must speak with an attorney. Rules about jurisdiction can be very involved. Your question cannot be answered without more specific information.

Tom Holder


You may have more than one option. You didn't provide enough information to determine if there are other possibilities however you do have a claim in the state in which you were injured. You might want to talk to a workers compensation atty in that state and give the atty all of the details of the accident or injury to get specific advise on how and where to file. Wc attys don't charge for the initial consultation and you can find many here on the "find a lawyer" section


You may have a choice of filing it in Georgia or the state where the accident occurred. Without more information, it is not possible to tell you whether it would be to your benefit to file it in Georgia or the other state. I would recommend that you consult a Georgia workers' compensation attorney regarding your situation.

Jaret Spevak
(404) 355-2688


You may have choice of law and jurisdiction. Generally, you can file your claim in the state where you were injured. However, you may want to evaluate all the states where your claim is viable to maximize your recovery.

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Your question seems very simple on the surface but is actually rather complicated. In injuries that arise outside of the state where you work, choices of venue and jurisdictional issues often turn on very specific facts. Please feel free to call me for a free consultation. Thanks, Greg Pope 770-786-1095

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Not enough information to provide a proper response. However, you may have several options. You need to consult with an attorney. Our office offers free telephone consultation @ 404-636-6616.


Usually you have a choice of jurisdiction. You can always file in the state of injury but you may be better off from the standpoint of benefits if you are able to file in the state where you live. There are many rules that apply to allow jurisdiction in GA so you really need to consult with an attorney.


You usually have a choice of jurisdiction, but I would need more facts to determine whether Georgia has jurisdiction and, if it does, whether it is more beneficial to file in Georgia or the state where you were injured. You should most definitely consult with a Georgia workers' compensation attorney.

Laura Lanzisera
(404) 262-0500

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