If I was injured falling off a ladder while helping a neighbor on their property, how do I get their insurance to pay for care?

Asked about 3 years ago - Phoenix, AZ

I was assisting a neighbor trim back some trees, and fell off the ladder, landing hard and resulting in the EMTs coming as I blacked out, and stitches and lots of pain from soft tissue damage.
How do I get the neighbor's insurance to pay for my medical bills?

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  1. Christopher J Zachar


    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . In order to get another or another’s insurance to pay for your medical bills, generally you have to provide that the other was at fault for the injuries.

    Was the ladder unsafe? Was it placed improperly? Did the other do something while you were on the ladder to cause you to fall?

    Alternatively, sometimes people have coverage under their homeowner’s insurance called “medical payments” coverage

    This will help pay for medical bills you incur as a result of being hurt on another’s property, regardless of fault on anyone

    Hope this helps

  2. Brian Curtis Pascale


    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . First speak with a personal injury attorney to protect yourself. Then have the attorney contact the carrier and make a claim.

    Mr. Pascale is licensed to practice law in the State of New York. The response herein is not legal advice and does... more
  3. Charles David Mee

    Contributor Level 7

    Answered . Talk to your neighbor, then talk to an attorney if need be.

    Legal disclaimer: Mr. Mee is licensed to practice law in Texas. The response herein is not legal advice and does... more
  4. Matthew E. Wright


    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . First, if your injury is not serioius, typically homeowner insurace policies will have a no-fault "medpay" coverage that can be used to pay for your medical treatment and bills. File a claim with the insuarnce company and ask they pay at least that amount.

    If you feel you have been more seriously injured, you will most likely need an attorney. In general you must establish there was a defective condition that caused your injury and also be able to prove that the premises owner knew or should have known about it and yet failed to remedy it. If the ladder is the defect, you will need to establish the owner of the ladder failed to take adequate measures to proviide a safe ladder. You also may need to consider whether the ladder itself was defective from the manufacturer.

    Premises liability law is state-specific and laws may vary from state to state. You should consult an attorney in... more

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