If i was given a court date for master hearing, and i still have my greencard , can i travel from los angeles to tijiuana ,

when i came back from mexico, at lax . i was given a nta, on Jan 2010, then on jan 2011 i received a notice that the nta was cancelled and to go pick up my passport at ins in los angeles, I went they gave my passport and a paper stating that i am a legal resident but the judge will decide if HE takes it away. so could i drive to tijuana from La and comeback. on september 2009 I applied to renew my greencard and I received on Feb 2010. I have already gone and come couple times. thank you,

San Ysidro, CA -

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

If your green card is expired, traveling outside the U.S. would not be a good idea.

Please see

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Kevin Lawrence Dixler

Kevin Lawrence Dixler

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

The facts are unclear. If you have a master calendar hearing, then your NTA was 'not canceled. If you leave the U.S. when you have an Immigration Court case, you can self deport yourself. This means that you can be stopped from returning to the U.S.

I strongly recommend that an experienced immigration attorney investigate. It is unclear whether your Immigration Court case was terminated. More research is needed.

The above is general information, not legal advice, and does not create an attorney client relationship.

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