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If I was denied by a local law enforcement when I reported a crime to take a report what can I do if the crime was real?

Phoenix, AZ |

I have new evidence in the from a witness to a break in of my house and someone driving my car. I do not live in the same place and also I know that agency can't be trusted.

I want to file my report and I am afraid I will be told by this new district they wont help.

My life is in danger and no one is listening to me or helping.

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Someone has been driving your car? Do you leave the keys in it? You do not live in your house? You don't live there bu you think you life is in danger? The facts here do not really make sense.

You are afraid to file a report and then claim no one is helping you. What do you believe this online forum can do for you? Please go to the police if you believe you are in danger. Speak to the watch commander or chief detective if you must.



I don't live in that old neighbor hood. But when I had to go back for something I talked with a neighbor that told me he saw these acts. I reported it to the local sheriff. That took the report. I even turned in th evidence that was left by these people in my house. I never got anywhere with it. Now I am in a new city just south and I want to tell the police everything but I am so traumatized by the last abuse I took from the sheriff that I just freeze and start shaking. The same people are after me again and I know I will just look crazy because of the anxiety and I wont say it right or I will be dismissed. I need help sorting through all this madness but I just l just can't take it anymore. I need someone to go with me but I have no friends or family where I live and they are part of the group that are doing it. I am becoming afraid that they will find me and I will end up dead like my father did. This is not a joke. Every agency from adult protective services to the ACLU has brushed me off and said things will get better!! Bye. I am almost homeless and suffer from all kinds of issues. How are they getting away with it and why am I being allowed to be attacked? I just want to be left alone. This is way too much. I don't even know what to say if I did see the police. I need someone to help me tell it right. Why isn't there anyone out there that helps me?


You sound really scared, and I am sorry you are going through this. Sometimes the police don't do anything after writing their report because, although there is some evidence, they don't think there is enough reliable evidence to take the case to the prosecutor. Sometimes they are right, and sometimes they are wrong. You mentioned that you have a lot of issues going on besides this one, and you sound very stressed and afraid. So here is my advice: I am giving you several phone numbers and agencies you can contact. Some of the agencies provide services to people who are suffering from paranoia that is not based on real dangers, but is based on a temporary brain-chemistry imbalance. The police occasionally don't take someone seriously because they suspect that the person is only imagining the danger, or is afraid because they have a brain-based illness. If you can show the police that you are afraid due to a real threat (and not due to a brain illness) they might be more likely to respond. So if you want to, you can contact the first group of agencies that I am giving you -- they deal with people who are having all kinds of crises, including paranoid or fears caused by too much stress or a brain illness, as well as homelessness or near-homelessness. They might be able to help you with some of the issues you are having besides the one with the police; they might also be able to clarify for the police that you are not someone who is suffering from paranoia and that they should take you seriously. The second group of numbers are for victim-assistance organizations. Maybe they can help you get a different response from the police. So: Group one: Terros crisis line: 602-685-6000. Magellan crisis line: 602-222-9444. Group two: Maricopa County Attorney (prosecutor's office) Victim Witness program: 602-506-8522. Crime victim assistance: 602-416-6780, or 480-600-2661. I encourage you to contact Terros anyway and to look at their website (link attached below), and to look at the Maricopa County Attorney's website link below, as there is a list of agencies on that page that also deal with many crisis-type issues. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Take a deep breath, take care of yourself, get a good night's sleep, eat healthy food, stay away from things that are not good for you, and call these agencies that might help. Don't give up! !

A true attorney/client relationship has not been established by your question(s) and my response(s). Your question(s) and my response(s) are limited and general in nature. You cannot rely on the information in my reponse(s) because correct legal advice in any situation requires that the client provide many more facts. The addition of one seemingly small or minor fact could completely change the response(s). When you put information about a legal situation into a public forum like this one, anybody can read it, including the police and prosecutors, and anything you say can be used against you in court. I recommend that you establish a true attorney/client relationship with a lawyer who can then find out, through private communications, the other pertinent information needed to provide an accurate, safe, reliable answer for you.

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