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If I was charged with Petite larceny misdemeanor in New York, and I am relocating to Minnesota, can I get it expunged there?

Duluth, MN |

I was charged with falsifying business records, petite larceny, I just want to know if I move to another state if I can get it expunged or sealed when I move from New York to Minnesota.

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This would be a question for a New York attorney regarding New York law. You cannot try to expunge a case from another state in Minnesota.

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This matter must be addressed in NY. Consult with an attorney in that jurisdiction.

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You should secure a NY licensed attorney for assistance with this matter. Generally, such a petition is filed in the county in which the underlying criminal charge was filed. Tricia Dwyer Esq.

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Any expungement must occur in the state where the offense occurred.

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