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If I was arrested before I finish my "accelerated rehabilitation program." what can happened?

Waterbury, CT |

I was arrested on blackfriday had 1,666 $ on me and close to an 8th off weed not in bags or anything it was for my personal used but the cops took all my money and hit me with intent to sell and possession sale ling withing a school zone!!!! what can I do about this

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Only one thing you can do: Hire an attorney ASAP! The arrest is a violation of the terms of the "accelerated rehabilitation" program which could result in the charges that were covered by the AR program being redocketed for further prosecution. Also, possession and/or possession within 1500 feet of a school carries mandatory prison time.

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Attorney Thygerson has the correct advice here. If you are on AR and you have any sort of police contact that could be considered grounds for termination of AR. Contact an attorney immediately, Attorney Thygerson is an excellent attorney in this regard and I'd recommend him in this type of matter.

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