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If I was arrested 10 years ago, why would the police send a letter to ask me to come claim property of mine?

Charlotte, NC |

Just got a letter in the mail asking me to come claim property they assert is mine. I was arrested 10 years ago and the case was dismissed. The charge has since been expunged. Now they are saying they have property of mine to collect (money). Is this legit? Could there be something else going on?

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  1. Take the letter to a criminal defense attorney. It is possible that the money was taken from you when you were arrested and not returned to you, or was used as evidence and now the evidence can be released. Confirm with a criminal defense attorney.

    I am changing this from insurance law to criminal defense law.

  2. The police want you to come pick up property (money) from when you were arrested 10 years ago? I can think of worse letters to recieve. In general, just about any State agency who may be about to dispose of property is required to give notice before doing so.

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  3. I would consult with a criminal defense attorney who can find out if you have a warrant out for your arrest. As I understand, the police sometimes use tactics like these to get people to come in so they can be arrested.

  4. I agree that this may be a tactic to lull you into an arrest. Contact a criminal defense attorney before proceeding forward.