If i want an annulment, and my spouse is getting a hearing soon for marriage fraud; how will that affect her?

we are married but never consumated so i want an annulment

Orlando, FL -

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Brent Allan Rose

Brent Allan Rose

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Tampa, FL

Your case sounds very strange and you haven't posted many facts, so the best advice I can give is to tell you contact a Florida family law attorney. Annulment in Florida isn't based on lack of consummation but on illegality of the marriage. For instance, you're entitled to an annulment if you are not old enough to be married and you did not get your parents' permission. Or, you are entitled to an annulment if you married your sibling. You are entitled to an annulment if one of the parties was married and not divorced at the time of the wedding. The but of consummation is not a ground for annulment. Nor, for that matter, is "marriage fraud," whatever that is.

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