If I smoked marijuana with my boss, can he legally come back a year later and ask me to take a drug test to keep my job?

Over a year ago I smoked marijuana with my boss/owner of the company I work for. Can he legally come back and ask me to take a drug test to keep my job? I want to add that Marijuana is the only "drug" I use, and that I live in Denver, so it is legal here. But the company I work for is in New Hampshire. I also know that even though it is legal here that an employer can fire you for using marijuana. But can they do so after actually smoking marijuana with you?

Denver, CO -

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Christopher Daniel Leroi

Christopher Daniel Leroi

Business Attorney - Parker, CO

Yes, he can. It does not matter what he has done. Understand that possession or use of marijuana is still a federal offense regardless of the passage of Amendment 64 here in CO. You are an at will employee and can be fired if you refuse the drug test.

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Daniel Nelson Deasy

Daniel Nelson Deasy

General Practice Lawyer - Centennial, CO

Yes -- and he can fire you, too, unless you are a contracted employee or protected by some union-based collective bargaining agreement.

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