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If I sign a affidavit non procecution on my boyfriend for sexual assult what do I do next to get him out of jail

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I was under the influence of meth an iam bi polar manic depressant when all this happen

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  1. Hire him a defense attorney. The attorney can file a motion to get his bond reduced. He will use your ANP in support of that motion and may even want you at the hearing. Otherwise, he will remain in jail until he is indicted (with any luck the Grand Jury will reject the case based on your statement in which case he would be released immediately) and the case is disposed of. Hiring an experienced attorney is the quickest way to move the case.

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  2. You pray really hard, that's about it. The state doesn't have to automatically drop it just because you signed an affidavit of non-prosecution. It's up to the prosecutors.

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  3. An affidavit of prosecution may help him but will not get the charges dismissed. However, one element of sexual assault is the lack of consent. If you stick with telling the prosecutor that the conduct was consensual they may think very about trying the case.

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