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If I rented a place month to month and did not provide a SSN, Can the owner evict you and have it go on your record? I am moving

Covina, CA |

but withholding rent for 2 mths since she doesn't want to fix anything. Been there for 2yrs in Covina living in an illegal back house / private owner. I've complained about a few items such as cracks and holes within the dwelling. I didn't sign a lease just a month to month rental agreement.
I have a serious ant problem due to her excessive watering of her plants which she chooses to put up against my unit. The plants were not there before I moved. Her son also has a turtle tank where they dump the water again next to my unit. Ants come inside and maggots are on the outside.
I think this dwelling may be illegal because when someone came down to inspect her property, she said they were appraisers, she did not want them to know that anyone was living in the unit and collecting rent from it

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    Yes, a SSN is not necessary to place an eviction judgment on someone's credit.
    You may have some remedies available to you if the unit is illegal. Contact the local health or building department, or a landlord tenant attorney.
    See the link below for info on your rights as a tenant.

  2. Yes, they can still evict you. However, as Mr. Spiritos mentioned, since your unit appears to be illegal, you need to contact the local housing department and find out what your rights are.

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