If I own the house and someone else owns the land can they keep me from living in my house.

Asked about 2 years ago - Conroe, TX

We were going through a forclosure. My mobile home was on someone elses property. The mortgage company could not move or seize the home due to getting it off thier property was impossible due to a damaged bridge that can not hold that kind of weight. The home is now mine and in my name. I want to live in it. they wont allow it to be moved but dont want me on thier property what is my rights.

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  1. Christopher William Peterson

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    Answered . This is a very complicated situation. Normally, mobile homes are titled personal property (just like a car) and the ownership of them is separate from the ownership of the real estate. However, mobile homes can become part and parcel of the real estate is the mobile home is abandoned, is subject to a landlord's lien, or is attached to the property. Even if you have ownership of the mobile home, you cannot just use the real estate without any payment to the owner of the land. Right now, you may be considered a trespasser. It is also possible that you have some form of squatter's rights/adverse possession.

    I would strongly suggest that you quickly hire an attorney to assess your individual situation and decide on a course of action. If you would like to consult with our office, my number is 936-337-4681.

  2. Andrew Daniel Weisblatt


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    Answered . This is a pretty complicated question and the answer depends on a bunch of facts which are not discussed in your question. Typically, if you leave something that is yours on someone else's property for long enough, they will be able to make a claim that it is theirs. This is especially true if they ask you to remove it and you do not. On the other hand, if you use someone's land long enough, and against their will, you can make a claim on the land. It is worth your time to talk with a lawyer, I would suggest that you do so soon. You will at least know what your rights and responsibilties are and possibly might come up with some solutions to solve the problem. I hope you found this response helpful! If so, please take a second and click the “helpful” button below. If you were really impressed, you could even click the “best answer” button! Thank you and best of luck.

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