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If i own my house, can i just kick out my boyfriend without an eviction letter?

Hopatcong, NJ |

I own the home, he has been there for less than a year, his name is not on the mortgage or deed or on any of the utility bills

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To answer your question fully, more information is needed. Generally, if your boyfriend is not on the deed, and there is no written agreement authorizing his occupancy (such as a lease or use and occupancy agreement), then he has no vested legal right to occupy the premises other than you allowing him to do so. You would not be evicting him as he is not a tenant paying rent to you under a lease. Depending on all of the facts and circumstances, he is at best a guest or invitee. In my experience, these situations can get messy quickly, especially is he has been contributing to the bills. He may think he has an interest in the proerpty even though he may not.

Please be advised that my response is for informational purposes only based on the limited information you have provided. You should not construe such it as legal advice, and should consult with an attorney for advice on your specific legal issues. My response does not create an attorney client relationship. You should not act upon my response without seeking advice from a lawyer.

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