If I outsource work to a foreign company, are contracts enforceable and realistic?

Asked over 1 year ago - Redwood City, CA

Will I be able to report them, take them to court, get my money back etc.? Is it a bad idea to outsource work to people in a different country?

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  1. Robert Harlan Stempler

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    Answered . You will need to consult with an experienced transaction lawyer on this, to ensure that you are not opening yourself up to lawsuits in another country and that country's legal system. If you have a dispute over the quality of work or the price, even a small contract can become a big headache, if you are sued in a foreign jurisdiction for unpaid contract amounts. It is unclear what you mean by "report them." If you pay for services in advance and they don't provide the goods when promised in proper condition, expect to need an experienced lawyer to handle the case for you.

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  2. Michael Charles Doland

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    Answered . Of course, it depends on the country and the individuals involved. Generally, the answer is no. The exception would be those companies with assets in the US or those willing to post a performance bond or some other type of security (which is very, very rare.) Some of our biggest trading partners have no legal system of use to Americans - e.g. China and Mexico.

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  3. Scott Gregory Nathan

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    Answered . Mr. Stempler did a very good job of answering your question. You also asked "Is it a bad idea to outsource work to people in a different country?" If they do a good job for you, then it may be a very good decision. However, if they do a bad job, then you will probably have a harder time trying to recover for any damages you may incur. Good luck.

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  4. John P Corrigan

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    Answered . I would need to know a lot more information about the type of business you are in and how the vendor fits in as part of it. For example, it it is a software developer writing code for you vs. An assembly company shipping you completed products the risks and issues are completely different.

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