If i moved in to a home where a friend says i dont pay rent here but i will let u move in if u pay the current light bills

then she moves out and then the owner comes over and say ur tresspassing to get out

Pendleton, OR -

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Joanne Reisman

Joanne Reisman

Family Law Attorney - Portland, OR

Your friend can't rent you a home she doesn't own and no home is rent free - not sure what the deal is with the light bill but seriously if she moved out who did you think was going to be paying the rent? Now I am not sure if the landlord can just kick you out either. You will need to ask a landlord tenant attorney if you automatically become a month to month renter. But all that gains you is the right to get an eviction notice if the rent wasn't paid which I assume it wasn't So one way or another you will be leaving - unless of course you find a way to pay the rent and the landlord agrees to rent to you. There is no free lunch. http://www.portlandlegalservices.com

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Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Family Law Attorney - Newport Beach, CA

The simple answer is that you do not own the home and you do not have a lease. You have no legal right to be there. Why not at least try to work out a lease on your own with the owner

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