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If I move to North Carolina, can I get expungements for all of my criminal cases, in Los Angeles/Ventura County out of state?

Simi Valley, CA |

9 1/2 yrs. no new offenses, discharged number for parole, no probation. Not court ordered, but DMV required to complete course, revoked license, no expungements yet. DUI felony, plea bargain, no contest.

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You would not need to be personally present for expungements/certificate of rehabilitation on these cases. While you're still in CA, it might be best to consult with an attorney to see what can be done about your convictions one by one. Based on the word "parole" in your answer, it sounds as if you did serve a prison term. This would make that case ineligible for 1203.4 dismissal (CA's version of expungement), but it also appears that enough time has passed to successfully obtain a certificate of rehabilitation (which also serves as an automatic application for governor's pardon). Consultations are usually free, and even if you wait until after you move to actually go through with it, it'll be easier to meet with CA attorneys while you're still here. Get in touch with some local attorneys, as NC attorneys won't be able to help you.


You asked this already and received several responses.

This does not form an attorney-client relationship. I require a written agreement before I begin work on any case.


Yes, there is nothing that requires you to remain in California for the expungements. Be advised that expungements are discretionary, you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer to help you.


If you went to prison and were on parole you are unable to expunge.. If I am mistaken, talk to an attorney and someone can do the motion without you being present. Good luck!

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