If i mess up on probation and smoke a little weed should i tell my probation officer

Asked over 1 year ago - Parkersburg, WV

my baseline test was 12five second was 121 p.o. said that was good as long as its going down, i smoked a small ammount a few days ago, should i tell my p.o. or just hope it is lower still?

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    Answered . You have already violated your probation by consuming illegal drugs, I would not compound that by being dishonest with your probation officer. They are going to know you smoked as soon as they get the results of the drug screen.

    You need to follow the terms of your probation, otherwise, your jail sentence may be imposed.

  2. Answered . Don't smoke illegal drugs while on parole. That is a violation and you will be violated by your PO

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