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If I made a comment on Facebook after a fight saying "If you kill my baby, I will kill you." and I am 16 what can happen ?

Roanoke, VA |
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I have a truancy charge is all.

Oh and she fought me and I am pregnant. Yes she started the fight. And her mom wanted to press charges but dropped them but said the police might still pick them up.

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  1. On it's face, this is a violation of 18.2-60 which makes it a felony to communicate a threat to kill. I would recommend that you not make any other threats, and if you can, remove the one that you made. Don't talk to the person for a while to let the situation between the two of you cool. Also, in the event that this other person contacts the police, you should under no circumstances speak to them. Always demand to speak with an attorney if you are questioned by the police. Demanding an attorney can never hurt you; talking to police will always hurt you.

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  2. Remove the comment immediately and don't make any additional comments via any means facebook, twitter, text, IM, etc. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer now. Do not speak to any law enforcement authorities-police or juvenile authorities-without an attorney. Avoid any further confrontations with the other individual.

  3. Facebook threats have become a pervasive problem and publishing threats on facebook can be and are regularly prosecuted. The court will generally try to fashion a ruling that will prevent the conduct in the future and also punish the behavior as well. The court may also avoid causing the child to have a permanent record by taking the case under advisement and reviewing the matters at regular intervals.

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