If I'm granted advance parole under new deferred action policy will it be safe to travel aboard?

I been out of status since i was 12. I'm 21 now, I haven't seen my aging grand parents for almost 10 years. If I'm granted advance parole because of humanitarian reasons will I be able to safely return to the US even though I was out of status for so long? Also will leaving the US under AP disqualify me for future DREAM Act 5 year continuous residency guideline? Thank you all!

Bridgeport, CT -

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Eugene J. Glicksman

Eugene J. Glicksman

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

These are good questions, but you're really putting the cart before the horse. First you need to file under the DACA program, and then be approved. If your application is approved, you may then be able to apply for advance parole. If parole is granted, you should beable to travel without concerns. As to future DREAM Act possibilities, we'll all have to wait to see if the DREAM Act ever gets passed, and if it does, what it actually says.

I would also strongly suggest that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney before filing an application for expert assistance and guidance.

Good luck!

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Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

I do not recall anything in the upcoming (August 15) "DACA" giving applicants the right to apply for and obtain an Advance Parole.
As to any future "DREAM" Act, well, we are not there yet... I don't want to speculate.

Sanjay Augustine Paul

Sanjay Augustine Paul

Immigration Attorney - Pasadena, CA

I agree with the other attny. First focus on getting DACA. If DACA is granted, then you may apply for advance parole. Only once permission is granted may you travel abroad.

Best of luck!

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