If I Is there a way not to install the ignition interlock device in my car?

My NY license has been revoked for 6 months,the ignition interlock device shall be installed for 12 months,if I don't have and will not be driving any car for 6-12 months,will they still install IID after that time passes.I was sentenced to a conditional discharge for one year.Please help.Thank you.

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Joseph A Lo Piccolo

Joseph A Lo Piccolo

DUI / DWI Attorney - Garden City, NY

It should not be installed after the 12 months. If you don't drive, it should not have to be installed.

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Michael J Palumbo

Michael J Palumbo

DUI / DWI Attorney

It will be installed as per the condition of your sentence.

Christopher Irvin Simser

Christopher Irvin Simser

DUI / DWI Attorney - New York, NY

As noted above, if the Court has ordered you to install the IID, you must do so on any vehicle you own or operate. If you do not own or operate a vehicle, this provision does not apply to you. If you own a vehicle, even if you will not be operating that vehicle, it must have the IID. You may, however, transfer ownership of that vehicle to another. But you may not operate that vehicle, or any other vehicular, that is not equipped with the IID during the period the Court has ordered. You should review all of these regulations with your attorney as quickly as possible. If you pled without an attorney, spend the money to sit down with an attorney experienced in DWI defense who can review these regulations with you. Operating a vehicle without an IID is a crime and can subject you to serious additional penalties.

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Guy W Bluff

Guy W Bluff

Construction / Development Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

If you will NOT be driving for months 6 to 12, return your driver's license and ask to have a State ID issued instead. Then, there will be no claim that you should have had the ignition interlock device installed. After the 12 months, get your license re-issued. As you have worded your question, you should not have to have the interlock device installed in subsequent vehicles.

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