If i hire a lawyer for a set price can he come back later and change the amount

if i meet with a lawyer for consultation and we agree on a price for a domestic charge can he come back 4 weeks later and up the price ? should he have to do the job for what we agreed on?

Dothan, AL -

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Randy William Ferguson

Randy William Ferguson

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Huntsville, AL

If you agreed on a price for certain work, the attorney cannot change the price. Have you already paid all of the money? If yes, you can always file a complaint with the bar.

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Lois R Beasley-Carlisle

Lois R Beasley-Carlisle

Bankruptcy Attorney - Birmingham, AL

Did you or he put this in writing? Did you pay him? If you did not pay him at the time did you sign a contract? Was there total communication and an understanding about all aspects of the matter? Sometimes other things come up that were not comtemplated but your contract should say for example, x number of dollars for an uncontested divorce, x number of dollars if the divorce becomes contested. You can always take your contract to another lawyer to review. I would encourage you to meet with him first to try to get an understanding from him of what made the price change. If you are not satisfied with his answer take your contract to another attorney and get him to explain it to you.

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