If I haven't gotten the full amount in child support when is it considered late?

I received the original amount of child support at the beginning of the month, but on the 11th it was changed so that he owed more, he was told to pay the rest of the amount this month and hasn't done so yet. compared to what it was changed to, he has only paid a small amount.

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Monica H Donaldson Stewart

Monica H Donaldson Stewart

Child Support Lawyer - Chandler, AZ

Although child support may be "due" at the beginning of the month or on some other date, it is not considered delinquent until the end of the month. If the full (increased) amount is not paid by the last date of the month, you can make a demand for the shortfall and determine whether enforcement action is necessary.

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R. Michael Skupin

R. Michael Skupin

Family Law Attorney - Phoenix, AZ

You should review the Order that modified child support. Generally, the Order sets forth a date that the new amount of child support begins. If your statement "he was told to pay the rest of the amount this month" then the month is not over so he may not be late. Usually the Order would set forth more definite terms.

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