If I have sole legal and physical custody do I have a say if a parent can take a 6 year old hunting?

The child is currently 6 years old. I personally do not agree with hunting, but if it is going to happen I want it to be at a more appropriate age.

Fort Wayne, IN -

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Larry David Stassin

Larry David Stassin

Child Custody Lawyer - Dyer, IN

You can certainly tell the other parent that you do not want the child to go hunting at this young age. If there is nothing in the divorce decree or paternity order precluding it, enforcement of your request may be difficult. If the other parent refuses, you may need to contact an attorney and seek a modification of your order precluding this activity until the child is older.

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Burton A. Padove

Burton A. Padove

Family Law Attorney - Hammond, IN

I agree with Mr. Stassin. It really depends on whether there is already a clause in the parenting time order. If not, you will need to contact your attorney to file for modification if an agreement cannot be reached.

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