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If I have gone to traffic court (speeding ticket), and they didn't get to me, can I still request "discovery" from the officer?

Pala, CA |

I haven't been to court before so I just learned that I can request "discovery" from the officer to see what he has. Since we never got called up, and we were rescheduled, is it too late to ask?

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  1. Yes, you can request discovery. Although in a traffic case there may not be much 'discovery' beyond the copy of the citation itself. Generally, in traffic cases the officers do not write an actual narrative report. When/if relevant you can request radar calibration logs, radar certification docs, traffic cam pics/vids, etc. Best to consult a local attorney though, to guide you on all this. Good luck.

  2. You can certainly ask for discovery between now and the next court date.

  3. You are entitled to discovery of the reports on your case at any time. Although in a traffic case, there may not be much more than the citation, as officers rarely write reports for simple speeding violations.

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