If I have been served a summons for forcible entry and unlawful detainer, do I need to show up for the court date?

I am not filing an answer, so what happens from here?

Erie, CO -

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Daniel Nelson Deasy

Daniel Nelson Deasy

General Practice Lawyer - Centennial, CO

Yes -- or you may be forced out of the dwelling.

Many attorneys in Colorado deal with FED cases. Find one in the phone book tomorrow to discuss your situation.

Good luck.


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Stephen Clark Harkess

Stephen Clark Harkess

Bankruptcy Attorney - Wheat Ridge, CO

If you don't file an answer the landlord will get an Order of Possession. Shortly thereafter they can arrange to have the Sheriff come to the property and they can have a crew remove all your belongings and move them to the curb. If you do not have a defense to the FED action you need to move your belongings out of the property ASAP.

You can reach Harkess & Salter LLC at (303) 531-5380 or info@Harkess-Salter.com. Stephen Harkess is an attorney... more

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