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If I have been questioned about a crime and have been told that the DA will proceed with charges, do I get a lawyer now or later

Eau Claire, WI |

I can't afford a lawyer buy would like to talk to one about this so I know what to expect and prepare for.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. get a lawyer now

  2. Now would be better than later, but if you are unable to pay one, the public defender will not evaluate you for representation until charges are filed. In the meantime, stop talking to the police.

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  3. You need a lawyer. I have had several experiences where clients have hired me before charges were filed and we have been able to prevent the charges from going forward.

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  4. Lots of lawyers will consult with you initially for free including myself. The two things you should do right now is speak to some lawyer about your rights and stop talking to the police. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can always contact the Public Defenders Office. They can special qualify you if you have not been charged but are being questioned by police. I suggest contacting some attorney right now about your rights because it may take the Public Defender in Eau Claire a little while to get you an attorney if you qualify for representation.