If I have an arrest warrant in NY for a misdemeanor, can the NYPD go to MA, CT, or PA to arrest me?

Asked over 1 year ago - Flatbush, New York, NY

Or can they command the local police in MA, CT, or PA to do so? Or would the local police have to detain me for some other reason (like a traffic stop) and then run my name?

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    Answered . If you get stopped or pulled over in one of those states you will be held until the DA in New York decides if they want to extradite you. It is unlikely they will do that for a misdemeanor unless you are stopped not too far from the county you are wanted.

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    Answered . Several answers. If you get stopped for any reason and the police officer does a check, the NY warrant will show up and you will be detained. You may be detained briefly or for 30 days depending on what the local judge decides. NY does not pursue extradition for misdemeanors and eventually you will be released. It seems you have two choices, live impeccably and avoid others who might hit your vehicle etc., or get an attorney to defend your case in NY

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    Answered . Yes, and then it is the decision of the local prosecutor to determine if a misdemeanor warrants extradition if you decline to return willingly.

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